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I specialize in working with professional women who are struggling with work-life balance.  The weight gain, fatigue, aches and pains, foggy thinking are real!  These symptoms may be common, but they are NOT normal.  All the responsibilities that come with adulting can be overwhelming!  We know family is important and yet the satisfaction and meaning that comes from our career matters too.  Can we have it all?  

That’s where I come in!  Together we'll tap into the wisdom of the body; coming to a gentle understanding of integration by making Daily Deposits into your life accounts!

Through my coaching programs, we'll find the best approach for you.  

The 90 Day Refresh 

A three month program that includes group coaching within a community of like-minded women is a perfect way to get support, encouragement and accountability.  

Online Workshops

Flexible with your busy schedule, online learning is convenient and  affordable.  Learn strategies on: healthy aging, women's hormone health, productivity, and detox

Group Programs

Filled with practical, affordable tips and advice groups are perfect for community events.  Choose from a variety of topics to include: stress, time management, nutrition. 

food prep and meditation  breath work

Individual Coaching

Let's get a handle on what steps need to be taken, give you some accountability, and track your progress as you go.  When you find your passion and purpose and live into the gifts you naturally have, you will be living in flow!


Gianna Brockhoff

Over the past year I tried to eat healthy but didn't know that even if something was healthy it wasn't always the best for my body type. I used to be able to eat anything and never gain weight. After turning 40 a few years ago everything slowed way down. My sugar cravings have been out of control leading me to put on weight. Being mindful of when I eat and what is going in my body has also made a huge difference in my energy level.


Norma Mendez

Gina is a great partner and coach. She genuinely cares about my health and works with me on a personal level; even when I waver. I am truly thankful to have her at my side.


Sophie Romay

The Aligned Life bootcamp has helped me become more aware of my values and the misalignment in how I'm living! With a better awareness of not only my values but how I'm spending my time I've been able to make some adjustments and learned about some new strategies to better manage my time and alignment. It's helped refresh my mental energy and can't wait to further apply and grow upon what I've learned. Thank you Gina!

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