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3 Tips to Ditch the Sugar

Sugar is extremely addictive and so hard to give up. Here are three tips to get sugar out of your life for good. Take these three steps for 30 days and see how much easier it is to kick the sugar habit.

1. Start reading food labels. Food labels will tell you how much sugar is in your food. Notice that produce has NO food label. Your best option is to stick with food with no food label (fruits and veggies). On the food label you're looking for the words "added sugar." Some foods have naturally occurring sugars like dried dates. One of my absolute favorite desserts --one dried date with a scoop of nut butter. Dried dates have sugar but they also have a hefty amount of fiber. We need to read the food label, but also need to look down at that ingredients list. Naturally occurring sugars are much better than added sugars. Ditch the added sugar.

2. What's up with that morning cup of Joe? How do you take your coffee? Most people are adding creamer to their coffee. While there's nothing wrong with a plant based creamer with no added sugar, again most people aren't reading their food labels. Take a peek and switch out that coffee creamer for something like Nut Pods (my go-to creamer).

3. Eat plenty of protein and healthy fats in your meals and SKIP the snacking. Protein and healthy fats keep you feeling full longer and keep those sugar cravings at bay. I'm not talking counting macros here, just notice that you have a healthy lean protein (or my favorite-plant based protein) along with a healthy fat (avocados or nuts) in each meal.

4. ONE more just for fun. When the sugar craving strikes--have a tall glass of water and wait 10 minutes. I know it sounds silly right? But waiting allows you time to evaluate if you're truly hungry or if it's just a craving that will subside. Often times, we are actually dehydrated and our body gives hunger cues instead of thirst cues. Go for the water first, wait 10 minutes and decide if you're still craving the sweets. If so--choose a fruit, or healthy smoothie.

There's always a healthier alternative! Three tips (plus one) for ditching your sugar habit. Remember, this is a process. Sugar lights up the addiction centers of the brain and actually makes it hard to quit. Be kind to yourself and go slow. Most of us will never completely rid ourselves of all sugar, but kicking out the addictive white sugars will do wonders for your blood glucose, your weight, and brain health! Follow these tips for 30 days and let me know if you've kicked sugar to the curb.

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Ian Rawls
Ian Rawls
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