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Adaptogenic Herbs--Do you need them?

I've been pretty crazy for this adaptogenic herbal koffee called Rasa. Have you heard of it? They are all over my Face Book newsfeed. It's probably because I'm obsessed with their product. No....I'm not being paid to endorse them, but I do want to tell you about adaptogens. What are they? What are they used for? How can they help you?

Adaptogens are super herbs that mimic the stress response. Unlike coffee that gives you that lift of energy then lets you down hard (searching for another caffeine or sugar rush), adaptogens allow for steady sustainable energy throughout your day without the caffeine. For whatever reason, as I've gotten older, I've noticed my body's response to caffeine has been more and more negative. I can have a coffee in the morning and my heart starts racing, my hands start shaking and I'll feel pretty miserable into the afternoon! I like coffee and caffeine as much as the next gal, but I wasn't happy with how I was feeling. So I kept seeing this Rasa Koffee alternative and got curious. Could adaptogens really give you the energy without the jitters?

Here's a nice visual of what you might expect from adaptogenic herbs. This term was coined in the late 1960s even though these herbs have been used for centuries.

How do they work?

They target the stress response. We have several stress systems that become activated when we get stressed. Even if you don't think you're stressed, your body may indeed be stressed! These herbs strengthen their response and help us to deal with the threat of the perceived stress. In order to be considered an adaptogen, an herb must not be toxic or have harmful effects in the body. It also must work to bring balance. In other words--it must be a stress protective.

Do you need it?

We are in a stressful time. Too much to do and not enough time to it all! We wake up thinking we didn't get enough sleep and we go to bed thinking we haven't gotten enough done. Between our thoughts of scarcity, toxins we're exposed to, lack of sleep, artificial light, chemicals, and all the mental stress we're under, I say....they can't hurt!

Do you have to blend them together?

You can use these herbs individually or as a blend. I'll say I've been using the Rasa Koffee for about a month and half now and I love the way it makes me feel. I get the energy lift without the caffeine and I also feel like I'm treating myself with the chocolate version.

Choose a combo that's right for you! See how you feel after a month of adaptogenic herbs. Allow balance to come to your mind, body and spirit! Be blessed my friends!

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