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Four Tips for Mental Toughness

How's your mental game? Research says that reaching a goal is more about what goes on in your mind than your ability or skill. If you tell yourself you can or you tell yourself you can't--You're ALWAYS right! Your mind believes what you tell it and for most of us we've been stuck on repeat--over and over again, the same tune. So what's your tune?

If you've got years of mental baggage keeping you stuck, don't be surprised when you can't seem to reach your targets. And by the way--we've all got mental baggage. I want to encourage you to strengthen your mental toughness and drop that baggage.

Think for a moment about the mental baggage you'd like to put down. What if this "baggage" is a thought loop in your mind that is simply a habitual thought? Habits create neurological pathways in the brain. These connections are strong--I mean really strong! We've got to replace some of those stinky thinking patterns with new ones. The good news is: You're in control! You get to decide by creating new habits. Sounds easy right? Well not exactly! I'll give you my top 4 tips.

In order to think differently about our life, we need to create a new positive habits; which in turn creates new connections in the brain.

4 Tips for Mental Toughness

1. Start a gratitude journal. Write down 3 things every day that you're thankful for. Make them three different things. Really try to stretch yourself here. The idea is to focus on the positives, so when the negatives come (and they inevitably will) it will be so much easier to course correct our path.

2. Create a sacred space. Call it meditation, prayer, or quiet time. Create a quiet zone where you can go inward and check in with yourself.

3. Connect. Who can you connect with that's positive. Weed out the negativity from your life! Your mental toughness depends on positivity and great energy.

4. Creativity. Where do you shine creatively? What lights you up? Do more of what makes you smile and brings joy to your life.

Pick ONE from this list and start implementing it today. Once you've been consistent for three months on the first habit, introduce a second. Commitment to consistency over time creates results!

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