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Maximize Your Time and Maximize Your Potential

Free time is harder to enjoy than time at work. What?!'s true. Happiness is not a destination. The times when we're happiest are when we're intensely in the movement. The opportunity to fail means that you're in the moment present and engaged. So how are you spending your time? We're half way through the year and it's time to get motivated to finish (or start) your goal. Time is our most precious commodity and many of us just waste it away. Each year looks like the previous year. The problem isn't what to do with our time it's getting into ACTION to actually do the thing! Sometimes we just need to shake up our routine a bit.

Here's a short checklist that you can use to help you get into that flow state of creativity, purpose, and meaning. 1. Morning Ritual--What does your morning look like? Are you rushed? Are you using your morning to catch up on emails? Let me let you in on a little secret--you're not going to get any more hours in the day, so don't put off what needs to get done until later. Everyone's energy begins to wane in the evening so it's best to "prime the pump" in the morning. Allow your brain to wake up by exercising, writing in a journal, meditation, or a daily gratitude practice. These all help to get your brain/body engaged. I typically exercise in the morning. I've noticed those times when I choose to sleep in, my entire day feels off. I just don't feel as productive. How do you prime the pump? 2. Find Adventure--When was the last time you did something for the first time? We are way too comfortable these days. Our bodies and mind are on autopilot. We never get too cold, never get too hungry, never get uncomfortable. Take yourself out of your comfy box and get into adventure. Adventure allows every cell in our bodies to adapt to something new and become resilient. It also allows your mind to adapt and focus. New experiences open us up to curiosity, learning and creativity. 2. Technology--It sucks you in! We spend so much time scrolling Netflix looking for what we'd like to spend our time watching--hence wasting time. My friends are a great source for new television watching. Technology is good but too much is bad. If you've been with me for a while you know that using your phone as your alarm clock is a no-no. Don't charge your phone by your bed. We have a charging station at my house. The boys know the rule. No electronics in their rooms. 3. Relationships--Have experiences with your close connections. Belonging is powerful! One of the pillars of health is relationships. Do you have close connections? it's the best indicator of a long, happy, healthy life. Social media gives us a false sense of connection. Most of us have people living right under our roof! I can't stand going out to dinner and seeing everyone on their phones. I passed through a waiting room the other day. Every single person was on their phone! Have a real face to face conversation with someone. When was the last time you made a new friend? People crave connection. 4. Intensity--When are you in your state of "flow"? We've already mentioned in #1 that it takes a few minutes to get our brains ready to work, ready for that flow state. You know what I'm talking about here. When you're done with your meditation or work and know that you've just pounded out something fantastic! Creativity needs inspiration! Check #2 for that. For me, I notice that I've got to think about something for a few days. I'm really hammering it out in my mind. That means no distractions--no music, no TV, just me thinking on a topic, and putting stories of what I know together. 5. Active--Engage your whole body, mind, and spirit into what you're doing. Get physical, incorporate breathing and connect to yourself. I use yoga or running for this one. Again, there are no outside distractions here. It's you--coming home to yourself. My mother loves to garden and creates a beautiful yard. This is another example of engaging your whole self into something.

These are my top 5 when it comes to using your time to create space. A space that allows yourself the creativity to really go for it. Harness your energy of fear to create something fantastic! My word for the year is TRUST. It's been a bumpy ride for me because I'm such a goal/task oriented person. When I don't see a path, I get totally disheveled. I've been feeling out of sorts lately but I'm TRUSTING in the process and trying to follow my own advice above! How is it going for you? I'd love an email to share how you manage your time and productivity.

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