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Mid Year Motivation

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

It's time for a little mid-year motivation!

It's July--how are your New Years resolutions coming? Success happens when we're intentional about our progress. If you never look, measure, make adjustments and move forward, you'll end up at the same place you were last year. Did you make a one-word vision board in January? Now is the time to re-evaluate those big goals you wrote down. What were you hoping to accomplish at the beginning of the year? It's not too late! Good Enough

This last six months has taught me that I will not get to the next level in my life, business, parenting, or relationships with what got me to this very point. It's so easy to coast. Getting the "good enough" point of our lives. Not feeling excited, but not unhappy with life--somewhere in the middle is where most people stay. It's easy here, you don't have to think too much. You don't have to put in the effort and nothing grows if you don't plant, water, feed, and nurture. There's so much more life waiting for you!

Here's what I know for sure--all that really good stuff is just passed my comfort zone. At all those uncomfortable bumps in the road--where my gremlin voice wants to tell me to STOP--GO BACK--IT'S TOO HARD THIS WAY I've got to keep checking in. I recognize that the gremlin in my head just wants to keep me safe and comfortable. No one ever grows from safe and comfortable. Be brave--check in; make sure all the moves are right for you.


1. What's been going well the last six months? 2. What obstacles have been getting in your way? 3. What do you need to release? 4. What energy do you want to bring into the next six months?

5. Does my next move make me feel expansive or contracted?

Starting Over

Carve out the time. Reflect, and tweak the areas that aren't working. Go back to the drawing board if you need to. Starting over is NOT failure--it's information! If we don't look, we don't know. So here's your chance to take a peek, adjust, and keep moving forward. It's tempting to make this personal. We set our sights on big goals, only to be dashed when it doesn't work out as planned. Success comes from constant micro-adjustments; a tweak, a pivot, a crucial conversation. Don't take it personally: READJUST!

Does all this make you want to pull up the covers and never get out of bed? I hear you! You may not be sure you can accomplish what you set out for in January. After all, a big goal is BIG! It may give you butterflies to think of even going for it. It's mid-year. Can you really accomplish it in six months? You may think it's completely out of reach, but I'm here to tell you--it's just within your grasp! Let's map it out together so that when January hits again, your life will look vastly different in exciting ways.

We've got six more months for you to make some big moves and I'm cheering you on all the way!

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