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Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Let's talk about what gets you out of bed in the morning and makes you feel alive.

Research says we are motivated by 3 things. 1. Doing something out of pure love. 2. Fear of not doing the thing. 3. We feel obligated to do the thing.

Are you sensing a theme here? Motivation requires a FEELING. We make decisions based both on feelings and reason. We use both our brain and gut feeling to drive us toward that next decision. Whether right or wrong, it seems that we are mostly motivated to avoid pain. Some researchers say that pain is the primary driving factor.

Here's what I know for sure..... an emotional connection maintains motivation toward a behavior when the going gets hard. Want consistent healthy habits? Find the emotional connection that matches the reason to do it. Find your bigger WHY.

Lasting behavior comes when we have a deep sense of knowing and loving.

We can see past this very minute and into the future. We know how this is going to affect us 5-even 10-years down the road. The picture is positive even if it doesn't feel good right in the moment. We realize the delayed gratification is worth the now. Why is it that we know what we need to do (especially when it comes to wellness) but we just don't do it? 1. We're too busy. (Time) 2. It's too expensive. (Affordable) 3. We don't find value in it. (Value) It comes back to priorities. We won't be motivated to accomplish anything if we don't see the value first. So I'll offer this question up to you.....

Where is HEALTH on your priority list?

If it didn't make your top 10, I'm guessing it won't mean much to you. If you see the value in it, you're more likely to give it some time and attention. You're more likely to spend money on it.

Let me be real with you. I prioritize my hair. I don't go cheap when it comes to products, or color or the person who cuts and styles it. I see the value in taking care of my curls. Some of you can relate.

I also put a pretty high value on my health! I take time every day to move my body (even when I don't feel like it). I spend money on good food and supplements I trust. I seek out new information to implement and share. My guess is that there are things in your life where you put the same kind of energy. It makes you feel good (either in the moment or in the long run). Take this month to re-evaluate your priorities and your motivation for doing those things. There's always a pay-off. Remember, you're either moving toward health or away from it. Does it always have to feel like an uphill battle? At first it might! Most people don't even know what healthy feels like and some of us are too darn stressed with daily life to consider it a priority. When we stay in in "reactive" mode there's no way to see anything but the fires of daily life.

Until you bring yourself back home to who you were meant to be and bring down the emotional temperature, you may be tempted to quit. You may think to yourself--this isn't worth it. It's taking too long. I'm never going to get there. This hurts too much. And that old comfort zone (status quo) looks awfully cozy (insert the ice cream and chocolate cake, and Netfix binging here). You'll never grow in your comfort zone. You'll never reach your potential of greatness in that box. Those January Resolutions are calling you! If you never set a goal back in January, today's a great day to decide. How do you want the next six months to look and feel? What motivates you toward success?

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