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My Top 4 Wellness Mistakes

Happy New Year my friend! As we roll into 2021 I wanted to share a few mistakes I've made over the years. Where I've goofed up so you don't end up falling into the same pitfalls in this new year. It's true--I've made some major mistakes in my health journey. Let's lay them out one by one so you can get a good look at what doesn't work when it comes to wellness. 1. Using food as reward. You've had a great day. You've accomplished a major project. You had a big win or a small win. Whatever it want to give yourself a little treat. That's what I used to do (occasionally I still do). It's never a big bowl of steamed broccoli right? No! It's the salty, extra sweet, or comfort foods filled with cheese that we reach for. But where does that get us in the end? Extra, added calories we don't need. Food is fuel! You wouldn't put sugar in your gas tank and expect your car to be a peak performance. I used to wonder why I'd hit the wall after "treating" myself. 2. Using exercise as a punishment. After treating myself I'd feel guilty and start thinking about how I was going to "burn" off those calories. Using exercise to punish yourself is pairing a good with a bad. Exercise should be used to release, to tone muscle, to burn calories, to strengthen and sweat out toxins. We need to move our bodies, but it should never be because we ate a piece of chocolate cake. It's not about calories in and calories out. It's more about honoring your body with movement. 3. Not listening to my body. What does your body need at this very moment? What kind of workout does it need? What kinds of foods does it need? There were so many times that I didn't listen to what my body needed. Because I had the mentality of calories in-calories out, I would go hard charging into a strenuous workout in order to burn the calories. What I didn't know is that I was causing more harm than good. I was causing increased cortisol, increased inflammation, increased internal stress. My body needed some yoga and gentle stretching. I was revving up my stress level unknowingly; leaving no better than when I started the workout. I couldn't figure out why I was gaining weight with the increased cardio instead of losing it. 4. Not taking care of my stress level. Just like #4 says--I was revving my already stressed out body with more stress. I'm anxious by nature. It's not a judgement--it's just a fact. I have to be very aware of myself, and my emotional temperature. What am I willing to take on? Years ago, I'd take on just about everything. At times I was so stressed my hair was falling out, I was chronically constipated and I my skin was always broken out. Where's your stress level friend? Make peace with yourself by recognizing what you need and when you need it.

In this new year, what are the small tweaks you can begin to make toward a healthier you?

Let me know how I can be a resource for you in your ever evolving journey.

Sending you all the light, love, and hugs! ~Wellness With Gina

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