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At the twilight of life, we will be judged on love alone.~St. John of the Cross

This season of Advent (the waiting and preparation before Christmas) has got me reflecting on the busyness of life but specifically this season. Does productivity and busyness makes us feel productive? This holiday season, I'm reminded of what really matters. There are times I can do a poor job of being present because I have no room left for anything outside of my busy schedule. Those of you who know me, know that I really like schedules, calendars, and all things organization. Surprises and interruptions are just not my thing. In fact, it makes me crazy when my plans get derailed.

Yet, to be fully present and available is an act of love--interruption or planned. Everyone craves connection and love. We all want to feel "felt." Although love may be a feeling; it's a decision to act--a verb. Affection is great but love has to be EFFECTive too.

Take a time out for a moment. Take stock of your life. Do you have room in your schedule to make yourself available for interruptions? In this season of "waiting" when the busyness hits an all time high; I want to challenge you (myself included) to make room. Make room for rest, for interruptions, for the most important people in your life. It's easy to be present when we have the option, but when it's essential and unexpected it's hard!

Is there any room in your life for big abundant love? We all want to receive it, embody it, but do we have any room for it? I'm not talking romantic love here. I'm talking about being wholly present, loving yourself (taking special care of your mind, body, and spirit), and loving the people you've agreed and promised to love in your life. Of course we won't have time or energy for everything that comes our way. Those that are most important should be getting our best.

Sometimes we find ourselves simply unable, and incapable because we're already too full. We have SO much to do during this season and so much responsibility when we're not in holiday mode. We pack our schedules to the tippy top. But what's more important? Your to-do list or the people in your life?

In creating a life that is too full our hearts can become drowsy by the anxieties of daily life. We go through the daily check list because it's the next fire that needs to be put out without enjoying the journey. Let's focus on more "being" and less "doing" this holiday season.

Three steps to make more space in your life for abundant love:

1. Ruthlessly eliminate hurry. Slow down making room for joy in the being.

2. Say NO so you can start saying YES to everyone who is already in your life.

3. Rest! Take a day to create space and room for those most important to you--which includes YOU.

Now go and take some action! Examine your life. What are you making space for this holiday season? Is there any room for the unexpected? Is there any room to be present with the ones you love? If YES--fantastic! Leave me a comment and let me know how you're loving big this season. If NO--it's time to make a change my friend and I'm right there with you!

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