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Shining or Shameful

Updated: Jan 21

Are you the type of person that shouts your goals from the roof top or keeps it a secret just in case?

Do you let everyone know that you're going for that big promotion? You're a shoo-in for it. Your resume is perfect. Your qualifications are perfect. There's literally NO reason that you shouldn't get hired. You've told everyone that's important to you (and some that aren't so important) how much it means to you. So it's a complete sucker punch when you don't land the job. There's no reason why you shouldn't have gotten the promotion. You were qualified and gave a stellar interview. Why didn't they like you? And why did you have to tell everyone?!

Here comes the shame, guilt, and the "I'm going to climb into bed and come out next year" kind of feeling. There's SO much feeling wrapped into this scenario and if you're anything like me--it's happened to you more than once. So many people simply decide not to say a word to anyone about their goals. I'll keep that big beautiful goal to myself--just in case I don't make it. By doing this it keeps the shame, guilt, and the let down to a minimum right? Well--it may not be as impactful because you're the only one who knows. But let's explore the flip side of this scenario.

What if you DO accomplish that goal? Doing a happy dance all alone isn't as fun as celebrating with friends and family who love and support you. Research says that one of the ways that we can up the odds of success is to tell someone. It gives us accountability and support along the journey. Having a workout partner that's going to push me toward my goals means I'm not relying solely on my own will-power and that's huge when it comes to meeting my targets.

Now that we're in January, how are your targets looking for the new year? If you've tried but just can't seem to meet your goals, let's turn things around right here before we leave January. Here are my top tips to get back on track.

  1. This is all about your mindset. Where is your head space right now? Are you shining or feeling shameful? If it's the later, acknowledge the feeling. Make space for it and then release it. Turn your focus onto your heart's desire. Do you have a Vision Board? Look at it every day. What we focus on is where our energy goes so turn your focus toward what you want and away from negative feelings. If you'd like more on mindset, check out my YouTube Mindset Playlist.

  2. Where is the opportunity for growth? It's time to think outside the box. What you've been doing isn't working. What do you need in this situation to succeed? Maybe that means learning a new skill, seeking out professionals who can help you on your journey. Getting a buddy for support. Look for a mentor who can guide your path.

  3. Now that you've shifted your mindset and you've evaluated what you need for success, it's time to start making some small changes. Develop your healthy habits but not in grand fashion. What is the smallest tiniest little win that you can start doing today? Maybe you're starting with one push up. Drink one glass of water. Meditate for one minute. These small changes will compound over time. Check the New Year's YouTube Playlist for so much more.

Small changes over time lead to huge gains. Community and commitment to consistency are your keys to success! So maybe you didn't land your dream job. That one wasn't meant for you. A hard lesson--yes. A necessary lesson that we are open to the bigger better opportunities that lay ahead. It's a mindset shift first, then discovering where you need to get support, and then making the small changes to eventually meet your targets. You've got the whole year ahead with so many possibilities.

You can do it friends and I'm here to support you along your journey!

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