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Six Signs You Could Be in Perimenopause

Feeling off but can’t pinpoint why? It may be perimenopause sneakily stirring the pot! Most women begin perimenopause in their 40s as estrogen production from ovaries starts to decline in preparation for menopause. But hormone havoc usually brews stealthily for months or years before that dreaded first skipped period.

Let’s explore the top six symptoms signaling perimenopause may have you in its clutches – and proactive tips to reclaim your vibrant feminine health!

#1: Period Problems 

The most telltale sign perimenopause has arrived is menstrual cycle length changes. Periods might shorten to every 24 days or lengthen to every 40 days mimicking early pregnancy. Flow also tends to increase from fading progesterone. Mid-cycle spotting between periods can also crop up thanks to erratic estrogen levels impacting uterine lining. Tracking cycles with a calendar helps identify patterns signaling perimenopause.

#2: Acne Breakouts...At 40?!

Table the retinol and spot treatments – those cystic chin or jawline breakouts beginning around age 40 likely stem from hormonal shifts not teenage pores! Here’s why: Estrogen and testosterone dance dynamically causing sebum-producing androgen receptors in skin to flare without sufficient estrogen keeping levels in check.

Pesky cystic acne plus dryness or thinning hair in new patterns signals androgen excess stirring the pot. Luckily there are strategies to clear things up!

#3: Unstable Moods or Libido

Since estrogen, progesterone and testosterone strongly influence neurotransmitters moderating mood, motivation, focus and nerve sensation, dropping or shifting levels generate mental static disrupting daily life. Mood swings, anxiety, weepiness, irritability, insomnia, brain fog and tanking libido often strike as hormones reconfigure.

#4: Hot Flashes Interrupt Your Day

Hot flashes and night sweats aren’t just a menopause thing! Estrogen withdrawal as few as three years before periods cease causes brain receptors (thermoregulatory nuclei) regulating body temperature to fire erratically and often. Cue the flash! 75% battling hot flashes are actually still having periods.

#5: Weight Gain Despite Effort

Despite hitting cardio and weights consistently while avoiding cake, increasing belly pooch and overall pounds seems impossible to avoid starting in your 40s. Here’s why: Plunging estrogen shifts fat storage patterns toward visceral abdominal tissue causing insulin resistance. This vicious cycle cements weight gain despite eating well and exercising. Sound familiar? 

#6: Restless, Interrupted Sleep 

Difficulty falling asleep, waking frequently in the night then rising early and unrested plagues up to 61% struggling through perimenopause. Why the insomnia? Shifting hormones like estrogen and progesterone moderate neurotransmitters involved in healthy sleep architecture – and perimenopause throws them off! 

Plus night sweats from fluctuating estrogen interrupt sleep further fueling fatigue, hormone issues and weight gain vicious cycles. Implementing healthy sleep habits effectively counteracts this. 

Restoring Balance Gracefully

Remember, perimenopause itself is not the problem – in fact fluctuating hormone levels gear you up for vibrant renewal! But out-of-balance systems generate frustrating symptoms. The solution lies in gracefully optimizing diet, lifestyle, mindset and supplementation so changes flow more smoothly, not against the tide.

Want To Learn More?

Wondering if perimenopause may be silently impacting your physical or mental health given these common symptoms? Or want science-backed solutions tailored to gracefully ease this transition?

Grab the Women's Hormone Master Class I'll share targeted tips, lifestyle and supplement ideas to start reversing bothersome issues so you can continue thriving on the path to ageless vitality!

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