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What Really Matters in the New Year?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

What really matters when it comes to your new year's resolutions, intentions, and goals? It's not what you think! First, let me share the top three resolutions for 2024:

  1. Save more Money

  2. Exercise More

  3. Eat Healthier

These three look very familiar and not surprisingly (2 out of 3) revolve around physical HEALTH. The sad fact is that by 17 January most people have let go of their resolutions. By February there's plenty of parking in that gym lot. If we want the best chance of reaching our goals, let's go beyond the actual goal we set and head up stream. What's behind those goals and how can we give them a bit more depth and meaning? It's not as easy as setting a goal, making a vision board, and watching all our dreams come true.

So what exactly do we need to do to have a chance at success? We all know that commitment to consistency is key. However, if I don't assign a substantial meaning to those big plans, it won't matter how pretty that vision board looks, something else will take our time, energy, and resources. This year, here's what you should consider when setting your intentions:

  1. Who do you want to be this year and how does it look different than last year? Evaluate the goal you set with this question in mind. If my goal is to lose weight, with every decision that I make moving forward I can ask myself: What would a healthy person do here? I guarantee that one question, will begin to shift your thoughts, mood, and actions.

  2. Efficient vs. Effective--as Jay Shetty quips: year after year, it's easy to say we want to do more, be more, and get more done. We should be asking ourselves, "What kind of impact do I want to have this year? What kind of impact is this particular goal going to make in my life and the lives of those I care most about? My goal shouldn't focus on being more efficient by getting more done. It should be focused on effectiveness and impact.

  3. Develop a SYSTEM or process rather than achieving a goal or an outcome. As James Clear in his book Atomic Habits puts it: You don't rise to the level of your goals you fall to the level of your systems. It's more than coming up with a ONE word of the year. We've got to see ourselves step-by-step getting to that word in every aspect of our lives.

As you start refining what you want from 2024, think about these three areas and how you can apply them to your intentions for the year.

If you don't have any intentions on your radar, let me get your creative juices flowing with a few questions.

  1. How do you want to learn and grow this year? What are you curious about and can you spend some energy and time on that subject? I've been diving into dreams this month. I have extremely vivid dreams that often wake me up at night. I'm fascinated by what dreams mean and how the unconscious might be guiding us.

  2. What do you want to create or how can you use your creativity in a new way? I never considered myself a creative person, but I love to get in the kitchen. Not only do I enjoy creating new recipes, but I also loving making my own beauty products in my kitchen. Trying new recipes, tweaking, and creating is just plain fun! If you're interested in making some of your own beauty products, catch my playlist HERE.

  3. Where are you loving big this year? What areas of your life do you want to pour more love and energy into? Maybe looking at what was neglected last year will help you decide where you want to go from here. As a business of ONE, it's easy for me to get wrapped up in the "doing" of my business. My goal is to intentionally create more experiences with my family in 2023. We already have trips scheduled on the calendar!

I hope I've given you some things to think about as we all venture carefully into 2024. Hopeful and anticipating the best this year has to offer. Wishing you all the love, light, and hugs this January.

What do you plan to learn, create, and love in 2024?

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