Wellness With Gina Membership

I know what it's like to be a busy mama, working full time, making dinner, driving kids to activities, and being present for my most important relationships. There was a time I found myself burned out, stressed out, anxious, exhausted, and then my hair started to fall out.  The hair was only one of many signs that told me I needed to stop, gain perspective, get clarity, devise a game plan for integration and get support.  Years later, I'm helping women like you do the exact same thing! Just because burnout is common, doesn't mean this type of living is normal.  

Designed for the the busy professional women, the Membership takes bite size chunks of the Mind - Body - Behavior Wellness Framework to avoid the overwhelm of too much information.  Three Zoom calls a month, keep the live commitment to a minimum.  Your Road Map to Success Workbook is your GPS to stay focused on hitting your target goals.

Here's How it Works

Road Map To Success Workbook

Start by downloading your Road Map to Success Workbook.  Discover your values.  Determine your priorities.  Find clarity and direction on exactly how to reach your goals.  Your Road Map will determine where you should begin in the Mind -Body -Behavior Framework for wellness.


Live Q & A Road Map to Success Zoom Calls (45 minutes)

These calls are scheduled for the first Sunday of the month at 8pm CST.  These calls are recorded and specifically designed to get you out of the office!  Strategically placed at this time of day means you can listen in before the "after work" responsibilities take over.  These calls are designed to clarify your Road Map to Success Workbook.  Together we'll celebrate wins, determine where the challenge areas are and how to overcome those road blocks.  You are no longer alone when it comes to those pesky plateaus.  

Live Zoom Meditation Sessions (20 minutes)

Your private meditation sessions are held the second Sunday of the month at 8pm CST.  These calls are not recorded.    This is your chance to practice releasing stress.  I'll guide you through a series of breathing exercises and a short guided meditation session.  Finish your evening with a gentle bed-time routine.

Live Hot Seat Coaching Zoom Calls (45 minutes) 

These calls are scheduled for the third Sunday of the month at 8pm CST.   Hot Seat Coaching Zoom calls are a chance to get coaching in a group format from Gina.  Even if you're not in the hot seat, you'll walk away with powerful new insights and strategies you can immediately put into place in  your own life.

Mind - Body - Behavior Wellness Framework

Your Membership comes with the: Mind - Body - Behavior Wellness Pillars.  Each pillar provides you with 6-7 modules related to the individual pillar.  Each module contains instructional videos (5-15 minutes long), downloads, journal prompts and transformational action steps.

Mind - Body - Behavior Wellness Pillars


  • Mindset

  • Priorities

  • Four Buckets of Life

  • Change for Good

  • Happiness

  • Motivation


  • Food and Mood

  • Traffic Light Eating 

  • Food Labels

  • The How to Eating

  • Best Exercise for You

  • Banish Belly Fat


  • Meditation

  • Sleep

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Boundaries

  • Emotional Eating

  • Food Prep

"I don't have time for myself." 
"I don't make myself a priority." 
"I take care of everyone first." 

Well, my friend--this is YOUR TIME!  This is your time to rejuvenate and refresh yourself in the most basic ways.  Commit to the Membership and see how your life transforms.  It's possible to feel both fulfilled and nourished by your family and career.  However, it's going to take some leveling up.  You're going to need clarity, direction and accountability.  Let's face it, the status quo isn't working!

With the Membership, you'll gain accountability to reach your health goals AND a firm direction on how to implement those big goals.

~Accountability, support, encouragement, group coaching, and tools to remain grounded.

~A private Wellness With Gina Facebook Group where you'll connect with other professional women who are committed to making changes in their every day life.  This community of dynamic, professional women is where you’ll go to get your most pressing questions answered quickly and accurately and receive more guidance from Gina.
~Access to the newest edition in the Wellness With Gina product line.  I'm adding to the Wellness Framework often and you'll be the first to get access to it.

~Commit to a YEAR in the Membership and you'll get TWO private 60-minute coaching sessions (6 months apart).
~Access to the Hormone Master Class with handouts and the Daily Hormone Protocol to get those hormones back into balance.

~The Mind - Body - Behavior Wellness Framework instructional videos, handouts, journal prompts and powerful action steps.

Here's What They're Saying

"I would highly recommend Gina Ramirez as a Health/Nutrition Coach. She is awesome! Taking her online courses will provide you with knowledgeable information you can reference at a later time." - Sandy

"I have really enjoyed and loved all your encouragement and support. I love reading your posts. Your energy inspires me and I am still working on myself. I love that I can go back and look at the materials over and over again. Your coaching has made a huge difference in my life. Thank you." - Bea