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Distracted Living

Are you distracted? I just had this conversation with another working woman last week who says she's having trouble focusing on any given task because there are so many.  

If you saw my schedule last week, you'll know that I also struggle--by my own design.  It's hardly ever choosing between a good and bad.  It' usually having to choose between a good and a good. 


An OBLIGATION that's the interruption.  (more on that below) 

I think we all suffer from distractions at one point or another!  When there are so many responsibilities, how do you decide which is most important?  Which one needs your eyes only?

Distraction is the enemy of being fully present in the moment.  When we show up as our authentic selves with ALL of our attention people notice, projects get done, and satisfaction goes high.

Distraction and interruptions are not the same thing.

Interruptions are something or someone that wants your attention. (comes from the outside)

  • Optional interruptions gets you off course (urgent not vital email).

  • Obligatory interruptions are something that you need to attend to (kids). 

Distractions are something or someone that your attention wants. (comes from the inside)

  • More me time.

  • A course or an interesting topic you'd like to learn more about.


Use your time wisely!  You can't store it, or make more time.  So what's a working girl to do?

  1. Pay someone to do one of your responsibilities to buy you more time.

  2. Say NO (pass on promotions, decline dinner invite) to get more time.

The real trick....

Get clarity on how you want to spend your time.

Clarity on how you want to spend your days, makes it the easier to say no to the requests that steal your hours.

Clarity means knowing how I want to spend my day.  

1.  What are the three big rocks that NEED to get done today?  No negotiating there.  

2.  What is your big picture vision for your future? If you don't know--that's when it gets fuzzy.

It's about the day-to-day but it's also about the 10,000 foot view of your future.


It's easier now more than ever to be distracted because we wait for nothing.  There will never be another time in history where you can't know the answer to something instantly.  Your phone is a computer with instant access to every question you'll ever have!

It's a battle to stay present and on your path to wellness when there are so many shiny objects that tend to steal your attention. 

Distraction will eventually lead to destruction because we'll end up off course. We can't seem to be where our feet our.  Right here....right now.

What's that

What's there

What's next


Once you've got clarity, next step is to get ruthless in weeding out everything that doesn't align with your values, priorities, and vision.

What do you need to start weeding out to get the focus you need to level up your life?

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