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Another Trip Around the Sun

Another trip around the sun! Wow...what a year it's been (I think I say that every year). This is my 48th! So many wonderful moments. The word that resonates most for me...GRATEFUL. As years pass, it's important to take stock and note: What milestones did I hit, what stuck out to me, what have I learned and what will I be leaving behind that no longer serves.

It seems that every year, the list of "important" gets smaller and smaller. So here it goes... my top ten lessons learned.


1. Don't hang your hat on a hook that can't bear the weight. What do you rely on? If you answered yourself--let me caution you to rethink this one. We don't have infinite amounts of time and energy. As mere mortals, we're limited. We do need to rest and to plug ourselves into a "source" that's much bigger than our own. Just like your cell phone--we need to recharge.

It's too easy to press forward putting out all the fires without recognizing that I can't bear the weight of my own (and other's) expectations. That's why I have a coach. It's hard for me to see outside my own perceptions and sometimes I only see the binary. It's either this or that. I have a bad habit of relying on my own understanding instead of allowing for intuition, grace, and a higher power to inspire me. It's never been clearer to me than this year that my prayer/meditation time is a non-negotiable.

2. Life is hard. Life has meaning. You have a choice. Life is a beautiful tapestry of all the parts of you. The twists and turns that are actually connected, we often can't see until we look backward and that through line becomes crystal clear. It can be down right frustrating when we're in the eye of the storm trying to reach a goal only to the thwarted by our own mindset and efforts!

Life is definitely not easy but there is meaning in the "hard." It's up to us to find the opportunity in the challenge. Asking the hard questions: What is this circumstance trying to teach me?

We always have a choice on how we're going to respond to the "hard" of life. I like being on a schedule. I make plans and when it goes sideways because of a nail in my tire, it could send me off the rails. It could ruin my fantastic birthday weekend I spent with my sister but instead of turning my weekend on it's head, I allowed my brain to think...."wow, I have more time to spend with my niece." There is opportunity in the challenging moments of life if I'm looking.

3. I'm right on time. Since I was a child, one of my biggest fears has been "I'm behind." No matter what area of life we're talking about: life, business, health...etc. But the only person I'm in competition with--is ME! As long as I'm moving forward, I'm making progress. Movement creates momentum, and with the necessary help (I can't do it alone) I will reach my goals.

4. My body does not define me. If you're lucky enough to grow old and get a few wrinkles be proud that you earned them. At 48 years old, I consider myself very lucky! No botox, fillers, or injections just a really great virtual camera (LOL). More than the outside looks, I'm celebrating what my body can do. No it's not my 20 year old body but I'm strong and flexible for my age. I'm older, wiser and I don't want to go back to my 20 year old self! I've grown-up since then.

So many people grieve the passing of their youthful looks. I get it! It's so tempting to do everything possible to keep our body looking young. No I don't weigh the same as I did 20 years ago and I'm OK with that. What's the long game in your beauty regime? Can you love what you have now and make it better with lifestyle tweaks? There's always a way to level up!

5. People and relationships are most important. Forever and always, my VIPs will be first and foremost. As much as I love my J - O - B I can always be replaced. Being in sync with the emotional temperature of my home and making space and time for these people isn't something I was always good at. I'm getting better!

6. Life is a process and can't be rushed. Consider this one bold and underlined! I'd love to be farther along in so many areas. It's my pitta personality to drive and do and always and forever be moving forward. If I rush it, I'll miss the present. The present is where the magic happens. The present is the gift that is you and me and the spark that happens when we come together to create, collaborate, laugh, and come to a deeper understanding.

7. Trust your gut. You already have the answers within you. I have a tendency to get busy and miss the gut reaction. Sometimes I dismiss it entirely. I call these the God moments of life. There's an inkling, an intuition, or a knowing. Sometimes it takes someone else to ask the crucial questions. Did I mention, I have a coach? Yes--I pay someone to ask me the crucial questions that my friends and family can't or won't. I encourage you to do the same!

8. Direction is a must. There have been times in my life when I've lost my way. I've been turned around. I joke that I can get lost in a wet paper bag. Not kidding! I have the worst sense of direction but when it comes to doing life, I'm mostly laser focused Why? Being whipped around with the wind means losing precious time. Did I mention: We don't have infinite amounts of time?

You only get ONE life. How are you going to spend it? I want to live, laugh, and love with my whole self. There's no time to waste!

9. Your wisdom and experience is important. I've lived a good bit of life. I've learned a thing or two and it's time to share it. It's time to stop playing small and to speak up. I have big plans for the coming year. More on this one later...

10. Grateful. I feel so protected and cared for this year. There have been moments; little snapshots where things could have gone seriously sideways but they didn't. I've watched family members go through some tough stuff with grace and complete faith and it's only strengthened my resolve to always recognize there is gratitude in everything --especially the suffering. Pay attention to all the ways your life is going right friends!

That's my top ten for lessons learned this year and all the ways I plan to make 48 my best year yet! Which one resonated most with you? Send me a message, I'd love to know!

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