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Are You Really Hungry?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Noticed any weight gain during what people are calling the "Rona?" I've definitely noticed a desire to EAT when I'm not really hungry. I've also found myself constantly cooking. I'm not talking cooking only healthy recipes here. Whether I decide to eat it or not, cooking is comforting to me. If you're feeling those constant cravings, I have a strategy that works wonders. Sometimes what feels like physical hunger is more about an emotional or spiritual hunger. It could be a need for comfort, support, affection, harmony, understanding, deep connection, or loneliness. A tool called HALT can help you decide if you're really hungry or if you're trying to fulfill an emotional need. Here's how it works: 1. Pause for a moment and become aware.

2. Ask yourself: Am I feeling Hungry or is it-Anger, Loneliness, or Tiredness (HALT).

3. Go deeper: Is there something that I need or want in this moment that I'm not getting? This is a great way to change your relationship with food. Recognizing your body's clues can prevent hedonic eating, chronic over feeding, and get you moving toward appetite regulation. Our current circumstances are causing everyone to become out of balance. Wellness comes from a place of balance not only in our body, but mind, spirit, and relationships.

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