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August: A Month for Transitions

With 100 degree temps in August I'm dreaming of cooler weather and heading into the fall season. It can't come soon enough! August is the month Texas kids go back to school. It's time to find the rhythm and steady schedule that fall brings.

I love this about the seasons. Each one feels a little different. Summer feels lazy and relaxed with time to enjoy all the water sports. Once Fall hits, I'm ready to tackle the hard stuff, get creative, and dig into my business.

It's like a "little" January. Time to get back to the basics of healthy habits. So I use August for planning. Like new year's resolutions....

1. What do I want to accomplish when September hits?

2. Where do I need to see growth--in my personal and professional life?

3. What healthy habits do I need to bring back online?

4. Am I happy with the status quo?

These are a few questions I ask myself because August is a month of planning for transitions. It's my birthday month and it's also the month I'll be leaving my oldest at his University for the first time. Those of you who've gone before me, I may need some hand holding!

As I get older, I'm reminded how quickly time goes. Making time for our VIPs is not only crucial but necessary. Getting back to what's most important and keeping health at the forefront so that I can continue to enjoy my VIPs, keep up with them, travel, have adventures, and laugh more often is a must!

It's human nature to get slack in all those healthy habits and stuck in a rut. Fear not friend--that's why I'm here! Let me shine the light and remind you of the importance of taking care of YOU.

Health should be among your top 3 priorities!

What brings you out of the rut? For me, it's my birthday month and knowing that my big kid is leaving and when he comes back he'll be changed in the way that college changes you. New people, new ideas, new experiences and being off on your own for the first time. It's all very exciting and the experiences do change you.

No, we won't be turning his room into a craft room or a guest room or the naked room. It will be HIS room, and his energy will be missing in the every-day of our lives this fall. It will leave a hole.

I'm excited for him -- launching, growing up, eventually (long time from now) having a family of his own and interacting with that version of him. Different as they may become, they are still our babies. As the next few days go by too quickly, I'm catching glimpses of his baby face expressions, the silly elementary school kid, the teen who's all business and the one that still hugs me before he heads out the door to work. The many faces of our children from baby to child to teen to adult.

In a blink of an eye it's over and I'm reminded that they were never really ours to begin with. But I'm going to enjoy every last minute of the days we have left with him here. Before you feel the need to write me and say..."He's not dying. Cheer up Mama!" I get it! It's the way that our lives will change that causes the dichotomy of sadness and excitement both. Crying and cheering them on all at the same time.

August transitions....birthdays, school days, launching kids, planning for the Fall season. Take this month to reflect on where you could make some real strides in your life, health, relationships, and career.

Ask yourself the crucial questions above. Where are the opportunities for growth? Remember that there are no limits, just the willingness to do the steps to get to your goals!

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