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Healthy Travel Tips

Is there such a thing as healthy travel? I tend to travel often for fun and for work. And one of things that I never forget to consider is FOOD! Let's face it, the airport is the worst place to try and eat healthy. When you have your favorites with you, traveling can be as easy as sitting back, taking a deep breath, and relaxing all the way to your destination.

My last trip was to see my bestie Stacey in Lubbock, TX. It's a once a year trip that I combined with fun AND work. I met the nicest engineer on the plane and the first thing he asked is, "What do you eat when you travel?" Being a health coach, I get that question a lot! We had a whole hour between Lubbock and my connection in Dallas, so we chatted about healthy travel. I truly believe that most people want to make better choices but they just don't know where to begin. I'm going to give you the run down on what I do with every trip (car or plane ride).

  1. Prepare your own food. Now, you know you can't take liquids on the plane, but you can bring snacks. Cut up fruit, granola, nuts, energy balls, individual Complete Shake packets (see the product tab for more info), hummus and veggies. Anything that's easy to transport, won't leak in your bag, and will provide you with enough food that you won't get the munchies.

  2. Water. Water is so expensive at the airport! Did you know that most airports have water filters at the water fountains? Bring your own water bottle with you and fill it up. Traveling is very dehydrating for every cell in your body. The air on the plane has less humidity and can lead to dehydration. That means you actually need to drink more water than you think. I said water NOT Starbucks! Fill up that water bottle and drink away. I know you don't want to have to use those tiny airplane bathrooms, but don't let that stop you! Visit the bathroom right before you board the plane.

  3. Walk. Once you find your gate, walk around. Travel mostly means sitting. Sitting too long effects your muscles, your skeletal structure, your organs and more. You want to arrive at your destination ready for adventure, not exhausted with sore muscles.

  4. Seek out healthy food options. If you blow through your bag of goodies, find a healthier option. If you look hard enough, I promise something will jump out at you! I found a Jason's Deli in the Dallas airport.

These tips really apply to any travel. Good luck on your next adventures my friends! The big take away here is planning and preparation. Get into a healthy habit of planning and you won't regret being out of your routine and packing on a few extra pounds.

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