How Do You Pivot?

What do you do when your world gets turned upside down? I feel silly saying it that way, but at the time, it was a HUGE inconvenience. We'd taken a much needed vacation to CO for Columbus Day weekend as a family. The boys went rock climbing, we saw the AF Academy pIay football, I went hiking and exploring the city. We ate great food and saw some wonderful friends.

The plan was to come home Monday and back to work and school for the family. However, Southwest Airlines had other plans. At 10pm on the connecting flight in Vegas our flight got cancelled. With about thousand other people, we headed down to baggage claim to gather our bags and figure out next steps. It's late, we're tired and now we need to find a hotel and get settled in for the night.

Luckily SWA booked us on a flight home but not until Wednesday. We were literally stuck in Vegas. Looking for a hotel room, finding our luggage among ALL the other people, and finally getting to the hotel at 3am without one of our bags left me more than a little grumpy. Now we were taking time off work and school (unexcused absences), and spending money that we didn't plan to spend. Yikes! Not in the plan. If you know me at all, you know I don't do things on a whim.

What do you do when you're faced with a situation that makes you want to scream? You pivot! It's not like you're never going to have a bad day. The question is, how quickly can you course correct and change your attitude?

After a good night's sleep, we decided to make an adventure out of our unexpected stay in Vegas. We could have stayed in the room. I could have allowed the bad attitude to take over, but life is short and there's so much adventure to be had! So we walked the stripped, found some live music, watch the fountains perform at the Bellagio, and watched a parade go by for their hockey team. A completely unexpected adventure!

Did you know that how you think will determine how you feel and how you feel will determine how you respond to the situation? Your mindset contributes to your healthy lifestyle. Learn to pivot friend!

A healthy person is more than nutrition and exercise. A healthy person is mind, body, and behavior. Knowing that it's all connected will help you to more easily make the pivot. We take a deeper dive into pivots within the Membership. Need a little tweak when it comes to your mindset? Take a peek at the Membership program, it might be exactly what you need to take the overwhelming emotions out and put the adventure back into your life!

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