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Natural Deodorant: To Switch or Not To Switch

It's almost sweaty August here in TX and that's the perfect time talk about your pits and deodorant. Which one do you use and why? I was a Secret girl since I can't remember when. A few years ago I made the switch, but let me tell wasn't easy! There were plenty of times I wanted to throw in the towel and take my little secret with me. Why did I stick it out? Let me let you in on the real secret.... 1. You're supposed to sweat! With my health coaching clients I always say--"Every day you should pee, poop and sweat." These three are so important because that's our bodies main way to detox. There are so many toxins that we inadvertently consume (or consume by choice). When we sweat, we are able to release some of those toxins. Your brain reacts by releasing sweat from the more than 2.5 million eccrine glands spread out across nearly all of your body. The apocrine glands primarily located in your pits and groin come alive not only through exercise or getting over heated but when we get emotional, nervous, or excited. In beginning of the switch to a natural deodorant, you may sweat more than usual. Your body has to rid itself of that blockage. Stick with the process! It will get better over time. 2. Antiperspirants work by closing up the pores to prevent perspiration, but this means that sweat builds up beneath the skin. This can cause bumpy skin and painful irritation. If you have bad razor burn or irritated armpits, definitely consider making the switch! The buildup of sweat beneath the skin also comes with a buildup of the good bacteria that actually digests sweat, limiting the ability your body has to digest any bad bacteria, making your sweat smell even worse. Wait it out--I promise it does get better as your body adapts. 3. There is some serious controversy over diseases that are linked to chemicals in traditional antiperspirants. My mom had Breast Cancer so I'm hyper sensitive to this suggestion. Some research reports estrogen-like hormonal effects with traditional antiperspirants. Some research has suggested a link between Alzheimer’s, Breast Cancer, and infertility to the chemicals in antiperspirants.. Why would I want to take chances with such a suggestion? I don't and I won't! 4. Natural deodorant has benefits for your skin. Ingredients found in natural deodorants tend to be nourishing to the delicate skin under your arms leaving it soft and smooth. Some brands use coconut oil which is a rich anti-inflammatory and has anti-bacterial benefits, it’s a star player in protecting against unwanted odor, calming inflammation and helping to hydrate skin. Most brands also include essential oils which help purify the skin and prevent order. 5. No two people are alike so that means you'll have to try several kinds to find the one that works best with your body chemistry. I've tried all three and more in that picture above. I keep coming back to the Schmidts brand. It's what works best for my body so try them out and find which brand works best for you.

How to Make the Switch 1. Go without deodorant for a couple of days. I know....I's not going to be pleasant but we need to clear those pores. Do it on a weekend! 2. Scrub your pits. You're going to sweat! They aren't used to sweating so you may get irritation. Use a wash cloth several times a day during the transition so you don't develop a rash. 3. Stick with natural fibers like cotton for its breathability. 4. Steer clear of deodorants with parabens or propylene glycol, which are likely to irritate skin. You may find that baking soda (a common ingredient) is irritating. It's trial and error. Find one that uses arrow root instead. 5. Be patient! It takes time for your body to adjust. Try natural deodorant for a good month before making a true decision. For every new brand, try it for at least a week before you give up on it. 6. It's worth all the trial and error knowing you're doing just one more good thing for your body. Simple changes over time lead to great big healthy changes for your future! I can't wait to hear what works best for your body! Happy sweating my friends!

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