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Recalibrate January

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

When everyone else is coming out of the gate running on January1st I'm going to give you permission to slow down. The holidays can be exhausting. Between entertaining guests, traveling, cooking, continuing your daily to-dos like working you may be feeling depleted this month. Not to mention all the "holiday" foods we've allowed saying, "It's the holidays. I deserve this." It's too easy to get into the habit of having desert after dinner every night.

Not only do we have the regular holiday stressors but now we've got a new COVID variant to deal with. More stress over this nearly three year pandemic. More unknowns of how this is going to affect our family and friends and how we can remain safe. We were so close to moving forward only to yanked back into unknown waters. I'm finding the collective emotional temperature stressed, fatigued, and just plain tired.

Normally, January is about finding that ONE word for the year. What if you took this month to recalibrate, reassess, and recover from the holiday season? Now that the kids are heading back to school (hopefully staying in school) and you're headed back to your regularly scheduled activities, take a breather. I mean that literally. Take some time for deep breathing exercises. Start a good book. Go for a long walk. Have a coffee (tea) date with a good friend.

Let's take time to reset this month. That includes coming back to your healthy lifestyle of eating, drinking plenty of water, stressing less (see above), exercising most days of the week, and reflecting on your many blessings. While we may FEEL a little low, dig into your higher energy this month and intentionally rise up with activities that enhance you mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. Health is more than food and exercise. You're a whole person. This month find ways to nourish yourself; making space for 2023.

February you'll be ready. You'll be ready to get grounded, find clarity, be rooted in who you truly are and the desires of your heart for the new year.

If you've already found that ONE word of the year, comment below. I want to know. If you need accountability or encouragement to get in motion, let me know how I can support you this year. Sending you all the light, love, and hugs as we start a new year in anticipation open to receive all the goodness that lays ahead!

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