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This is 47...

August is my birthday month and it always leads me down the road of self reflection. Am I the only one that does that? I spend some time reflecting on the past year around the sun. What are my big take-aways. After such a crazy year, am I any wiser? Most of us do this in January, but I like to take a minute to reflect on how grateful I am to have seen another year, for the wonderful people in my life, and for the gift of more time. I thought I might share my reflection with you and see if any of these resonate.

Reflections on a year past....

1. I can't get to the next level (insert business, marriage, relationships) with the same energy, wisdom, and effort that got me here. It's time to take inventory. I was challenged to accept and do some hard things. I had to ask myself...what direction do I want to head into the next year? I made some crucial decisions. I checked in with myself. I feel really good about where this next year is headed.

2. Community matters. This past year of lockdowns, cancelled trips, cancelled people and plans has taken its toll. As a family we did our best to keep traveling but some relationships suffered. Making up for lost time is important. Nurturing the family and friends that fill me up and speak life into me, matters!

3. I don't need a lot of things. We got rid of the big house with the pool and the patio. The honest truth--that was H A R D. But eight months later, it feels really good. Because when we're able to say YES to the right things, it makes room for growth. It makes room for more of what's truly important.

4. Refine. My word for the year (since January) is REFINE. I feel like the universe (God) has been conspiring to refine me all year. I'm trying my best to remain open; to listen; to get clear.

5. Rest. As a typically Pita in the Ayurveda world and an Enneagram 3, I tend to put a high value on professional, interpersonal, and personal growth. I'm the one reading 3 different books at one time. I multi-task like a champ and I have trouble shutting my brain down. This past year, I spent more time resting, praying, meditating than I ever have. What I found....I have more peace, more answers, more space.

Do any of these resonate with you? I'd love to hear your reflections and thoughts! Let's connect! What are you working towards?

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