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Women’s Hormone Health: Perimenopause

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

What's happening to me? You're going along day by day doing your thing and all of a sudden it hits you like a ton of bricks. Where did that spare tire come from? Why does it seem that my hair is so thin and dull? Everything is irritating and I mean REALLY irritating. You look in the mirror and realize that you're not the women you used to be and you don't like the reflection in the mirror. Hormones effect men and women alike, but because of our monthly cycles it hits women harder than the gradual fluctuations in men. So I'm speaking to all my lady friends here. And if you've already gone through "the change" and you're on the other side--sister--please comment and let me know how you handled it! We've got to stick together here! I need all the dirty little secrets because I'm going through it right along side of you. And if you're no where near this stage in life, sit up girl! Pay close attention, because you're going to need the wisdom of the women who've gone before you. So let's get down to brass tacks. Hormones are chemical messengers in your body that influence every process that we go through--from eating to sleeping. So it's important that we pay attention and keep them as balanced as possible. I'm hearing from so many women with the signs and symptoms of an unbalanced body and from time to time I experience these same symptoms.

This month's health is focused on Hormone Health. Let's explore the ways our hormones effect our lifestyle, mood, and so much more. Go check out the YouTube Hormone Playlist HERE. My goal is to provide you with easy practical ways you can be caring for yourself. Liver, thyroid and gut health! So tune in to learn a little something about cleaning up your internal engine. Let's start with Perimenopause. Are you suffering from the signs and symptoms of unbalanced hormones? Find the Perimenopause free quiz in my Resource Library.

Perimenopause is that time in life before you reach menopause and it's where the majority of women see the most symptoms. It can start in your late 30s but typically begins in your 40s and can last for years. There's no need to suffer for years with symptoms that may look like: ~Fatigue and trouble sleeping ~Hair loss ~Anxiety, low confidence and even panic attacks ~Night sweats ~Breast tenderness ~Irritability ~Vaginal dryness ~Intermittent periods ~Bloating ~Weight gain With perimenpause you still have a cycle though they may be getting shorter. This can lead to the confusion. To be fully in menopause you need 12 months with NO period. And YES--you can still get pregnant while going through perimenopause.

Here's the space I want to speak to you friends! This weird in the middle kind of place that looks fuzzy where all the things that you were doing just aren't working any more.

What can you do to begin to rebalance and minimize these awful signs and symptoms? 1. Manage your weight. Fat is metabolically active (especially the fat around the middle) and will produce more hormones throwing you off balance.

2. Exercise. Exercise helps release endorphins and detoxes the body. We need to help our bodies metabolize the hormones that we are producing and get rid of any excess (more on estrogen dominance later). 3. Nutrition. Get in as many fruits and veggies as you can. Your body needs help with absorption and the best way to do that is a variety. So eat the rainbow. The easiest way I know to get in a vast variety of fruits and veggies is Juice Plus--fruits and veggies in a capsule! There's no way around it. We need at least 7-13 servings a DAY!

4. Sleep More and stress less. Most Americans are sleep deprived. It's hard to sleep well when our hormones are out of whack. Do you find yourself waking between 1-3 AM? Yep--I'm right there with ya! But first things first--do you have good sleep hygiene? Do you turn off the electronics at least 45 minutes before bed? Do you turn down the lights and keep your bedroom cool? Do you have a nightly routine that's soothing? 5. Cut down and alcohol and caffeine. I know it's tempting to rev yourself up with the caffeine in the morning then help yourself relax with a glass of wine in the evening. But you're not doing yourself any favors. Trust me! Switch out the caffeine for an herbal alternative or stick to ONE cup of coffee and one glass of wine a day. Start with baby steps. Which one of these is the simplest to tackle first?

Feel like you could use some direction? That's what I'm here for! Let me help guide you back to loving yourself again.

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